AUGUST 30, 2006

Fellow Guyanese, 

August 28th was a defining moment in our countryís history. Our citizens were provided with an opportunity guaranteed by our constitution to vote at the National and Regional elections for a Government of their choice. 

The PNCR-1G platform carried out a vigourous campaign during which we outlined the relevant issues to the Guyana public and put forward our programs and proposals for making Guyana into a modern 21st Century State under a model of shared governance or Government of National Unity.  

My first duty is to thank all those supporters, friends and well wishers of the Party, both in Guyana and abroad, who have stood with us throughout this campaign and provided the resources to run an effective campaign. 

During the past two days we have been inundated on the state media by the results being published from GECOMís Media Center by NCN. At our Party headquarters, however, we have been busy recording the results declared at the individual polling stations and monitoring the announcements by GECOM to ensure that they were consistent with the information provided by our Party agents. 

Let me say this unequivocally. The PNCR-1G is firmly committed to an environment of peace with justice for all the citizens of this country and therefore, has and can have, no interest in creating or encouraging conditions of instability. 

We cannot, however, in all honesty, bury our heads in the sand to the fact that there is a hardened perception among a substantial section of the Guyanese Community that they cannot survive five more years of the PPP/C rule. 

On behalf of the PNCR-1G we issue a serious call to the entire political leadership of Guyana to save our country from the imminent peril it faces. 

We must now, not tomorrow, or next month, agree to devise a new model of Governance where all stakeholders can feel confident that they will be included in the process and enjoy the fruit of development. 

There can be no more noble a cause for us to serve at this time. Our viability as a nation must be secured and we stand ready tonight to commence and complete the process expeditiously. 

From the results before us it is clear that, in large measure, the ethnic voting patterns have remained deep-seated. Despite the fact that the PNCR-1G has conducted a campaign based on the issues and eschewed any appeal to race the results have indicated that ethnic voting patterns continue to manifest themselves.  

The election results have demonstrated yet again that the current system of governance in Guyana is woefully inadequate as a vehicle for forging national unity and continues to be the basis of the existing political instability that suffocates our nation. It must, therefore, be obvious to all that a Government of National Unity, based on the principle of shared governance, is essential to enable the nation to overcome its present difficulties and get on with the business of real economic development.  

In our recent manifesto our Party restated and re-emphasised this as essential for the rapid development of Guyana.  

During the hustings we campaigned on a platform which promised to empower the youth of this country. I wish to assure our young people, who worked so hard during this campaign, that we will continue our efforts to realize this promise. In this regard, the PNCR, in collaboration with others, will work with the youth of this country to access the required resources so as to enable them to realise their potential, as envisaged in the Partyís Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES).  

I, and the Party which I lead, will not abandon you, our supporters, and the people of Guyana. We will provide the required leadership.  We will prevent the PPP/C from continuing its policy of the arbitrary use of power and the resources of the state to victimize, marginalize and humiliate those persons who have supported the PNCR-1G and other opposition parties. My Party will pursue this course of action as part of its campaign to deepen the democratic process and to establish good governance, fair play and justice.  

Once again I wish to assure you that the PNCR-1G is monitoring all of the results being declared based on the statements of poll supplied by our polling agents who were in the polling stations on Election Day. We will continue to be vigilant to ensure that the results declared do not vary from those officially issued to our agents at the place of poll.

I wish to assure you that we will be keeping in touch with you on further developments. I urge you to continue to pray for Guyana.

 May God bless you and keep Guyana safe.