Central Executive Committee

The People's National Congress Party's Central Executive Committee (CEC) is the governing body of the Party. The Party Leader, Chairman, Vice Chairman and fifteen (15) members of the Executive Committee are elected at the Biennial Congress. General Secretary is appointed by the Leader from among the fifteen elected members. Ten members are co-opted to the Central Executive by the Leader and other elected members.
In addition, each of the Party's 10 Regions elects a representative to the Central Executive Committee, and the Chair persons of the Youth and Women arms or their representatives are also Central Executive Committee Members.
The current members of the Central Executive Committee are as follows:
Name Title
Mr. Robert Corbin Party Leader
Bishwaishwar Ramsaroop Party Chairman
Mr. Basil Williams, MP Party Vice Chairman

Ms. Volda Lawrence, MP

Party Vice Chairman


Name Title
Mr. Oscar E. Clarke General Secretary
Ms. Amna Ally  
Dr. Aubrey Armstrong  
Mr. Deryck Bernard
Ms. Florence Bourne
Mr. E. Lance Carberry
Mr. Clement Corlette
Ms. Melanie Cornette
Mr. Ernest Elliot
Dr. Carl Max Hanoman
Mr. Mortimer Mingo
Mr. Aubrey Norton
Dr. George Norton

Mr. Ivor Allen

Mrs. Clarissa Riehl

Ms. Amna Ally

Mr. Mervyn Williams