Our Achievements
  • Led Guyana to Independence.
  • Led Guyana to Republic Status.
  • Established Nation Building Institutions.
  • Launch Mashramani to celebrate the annual Republic festivities.
  • Founding Member of CARICOM.
  • Universal Education from Nursery to University.
  • Established the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana National Service.
  • Established the People’s Militia.

  • Maintained Guyana's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  • Leading Member of the Commonwealth, United Nations and the 
    Non Allied Movement.
  • Created GUYFESTA: The Guyana Festival of Arts.

  • Established the National Honours Committee/System.

  • Founding-Member of CARIFESTA: The Caribbean Festival of Arts.

  • Established the National School of Dance and Burrowes School of Art.

  • Founding-Member of CARIWA: The Caribbean Women's Association.

  • Enacted the landmark Amerindian (Amendment) Bill 1976: The Bill 

    granted Amerindians communal titles to lands they occupied for 
    centuries and full rights as citizens of the Republic.
  • Laid the foundation for the building of the Umana Yana as 

    a showcase for the 1972 Non Allied Movement Conference.
  • Enacted the Public Holidays Amendment Act 1967: Phagwah, Deepvali, 

    Eid, Youman Nabi, Easter and Christmas were granted annual national 
    holiday status.
  • Introduced the Shirt-Jac as national mode of dress.

  • Introduced the National Insurance Scheme.

  • Launch the National Economic Recovery Plan.

  • Led the campaign for internal self-help/self-reliance.

  • Led the campaign for ownership of the country's resources.

  • Built the National Cultural Centre, the 1763 Monument, Enmore

    Martyrs' Shrine, Cliff Anderson National Sports Hall, Demerara
    Habour Bridge and Timerhi International Airport.
  • Created free Health Care System.

  • Maintained Law and Order.

These are some of our achievements of the past 28 years -- A lot done - A lot to do.