Historical Diary of the PNC/Reform

Mr. Forbes Burnham at 19 won the British Guiana Scholarship; 
Entered University of London in 1945: LLB Degree in 1947 -Gray's Inn, 
London, England.
Mr. Forbes Burnham is elected President of the West Indian Student 
Union (London). Mr. Burnham won the Best Speaker’s Cup (London).
Mr. Forbes Burnham, Esq. return to British Guiana and is called to the 
Bar at the age of 25.
January 1, 1950
Mr. Forbes Burnham, Esq. co-founded the People’s Progressive Party and 
is elected Chairman, while Dr. Cheddi Jagan is appointed leader.
Mr. Forbes Burnham, Esq., 29, is elected to the Georgetown City Council.
March 24, 1953
Mr. Forbes Burnham, Esq. 30, elected to the Legislative Council with 
an overwhelming majority - no other PPP Candidate came close to match 
his election success. In his victory speech after the election, 
Mr. Forbes Burnham, declared that “a new era had dawned for British 
Guiana and we shall walk the road together to peace, progress and 
porsperity beneath the banner of the People’s Progressive Party!”
May 30, 1953
The opening of the new Legislative Council for the 1953-57 Term and the 
inauguration of the Government. Mr. Forbes Burnham, Esq., 30, is 
elected by the Council as Minister of Education.
October 9, 1953
The British Government suspended the Constitution, Legislative Council 
and callout the troops to quell the disturbances by the PPP and the GIWU.
Open public split between Marxist-Communist (Jaganites) and Moderate 
Guyanese (Burnhmites) factions in the PPP.   J.P. Lachmansingh, 
supported Hon. Mr. Forbes Burnham for the leadership of the PPP.  
Hon. Mr. Burnham argued that by proclaiming the adherence to Marxist 
Leninist, Dr. Jagan was building obstacles in the road for Guiana’s 
General Elections are held, under the Revised constitution, returning the 
PPP to Government. Dr. Cheddi Jagan declared that the People’s 
Progressive Party and the Government will be led by the principles of 
Marxist Leninist (i.e. Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Fidel Castro). 
Dr. Jagan declared that all private owned businesses and assets would 
be nationalized for the good of the party.
During the 1957 elections and onwards the PPP leadership promoted 
the slogan “ apan-jaat ”(vote for your race).
Hon. Mr. Forbes Burnham is elected Leader of the Opposition and 
President of the Guyana Bar Association.
The Official Birth Date of the People’s National Congress.  
Hon. Mr. Forbes Burnham is elected Parliamentary Leader; 
J.P. Latchmansingh elected Chairman; Eusi Kwayana (Sidney King) 
elected First Vice Chairman; F.A. DeSilva elected as Second Vice 
Chairman; Jai Nrine Singh elected General Secretary with Jessie 
Burnham as Assistant General Secretary. PPP Burnhamite faction 
win seats in the House of Assembly.
Hon. Mr. Forbes Burnham is elected Mayor of Georgetown
The People’s National Congress is elected to the Legislative Council.
December 12, 1964
The People’s National Congress joined with the United Force Party to 
establish a coalition government. Hon. Mr. Forbes Burnham is elected 
The People’s Progressive Party launches a terror campaign with the help 
of Marxist guerrillas from Cuba, Venezuela and the Soviet Union against 
the Guyanese people.
1965 - 1968
The People's Progressive Party suffered mass defections of members 
and leaders to the People’s National Congress
May 26, 1966
Guyana becomes independent. His Excellency, the Right Honourable 
Mr. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, S.C., O.E,  the Leader of the 
People’s National Congress becomes the country’s 1st Prime Minister 
and Founding Father.
October 1966
Venezuelan Armed Forces occupied the Guyana’s portion of Ankoko 
Island at the confluence of the Cuyuni and Wenamu Rivers.
December 1967
Suriname Armed Forces tried to occupy the New River Triangle
The Party and Guyana Defense Force acted decisively and secured 
the entire area.
December 1968
The People’s National Congress is return to Office with a majority.
January of 1969
Ranchers in Rupununi Region rebel again the Guyanese Nation. 
The Guyana Police Force and Guyana Defense Force restore order 
after the Ranchers murder a number of local officials and police officers.
February 23, 1970
Guyana becomes a Co-operative Republic with the Honourable
Mr. Justice Arthur Chung (March 1970 to October 1980) elected by
the National Assembly as the First Guyanese Head of State.
February 23rd is proclaimed Republic Day to coincide with the
anniversary of the Berbice Slave Revolt of 1763. The Berbice Revolt was
led by Cuffy, who was also proclaimed National Hero of the Co-operative
July 10, 1973
The People’s National Congress is return to Government with a two-thirds
The PPP ended its boycott of parliament and arm resistance against the
Guyanese people.  Instead the People's Progressive Party offered critical
support to the PNC led administration.
Ranji Chandisingh and Vincent Teekah, senior members of the PPP’s
Central and Executive Committee joins the PNC.  Ranji Chandisingh is
appointed the General Secretary of the PNC and Deputy Prime Minister,
while Vincent Teekah became Minister of Education.
July 1978
National referendum on Constitutional Reforms is overwhelming approved
by the Guyanese electorate. 
The National Assembly by a two-third majority approved reforms to
the Constitution.
October 1979
Minister of Education Vincent Teekah and former raising star of the
PPP was allegedly murdered.
December 15, 1980
Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, S.C., O.E. is elected Guyana’s First
Executive President.
June 8, 1985
President Forbes Burnham, S.C., O.E. dies in office.
July 8, 1985
Prime Minister Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C. succeeds President Forbes
Burnham, S.C., O.E., as Leader of the Party and second Executive
President of Guyana.
December 1985
The PNC returns to Government under the leadership of His Excellency,
the Right Honourable Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C. who becomes
the Second PNC member to hold the reins of the Presidency of Guyana
November 11, 1988
President Desmond Hoyte, S.C., launch the Government's Economic
Recovery Program (ERP).
October 5, 1992
The Party narrowly loses a General Election for the first time and goes
into Opposition.  Former President Hoyte, S.C., becomes Leader of the
July 1994
Former President Desmond Hoyte, re-elected Leader of the People’s
National Congress.
August 1997
President Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C., is elected the party’s Presidential
Candidate by the party’s Biennial Congress.
December 15, 1997
The People’s Progressive Party Regime rigged the elections and gave
itself over 55 percent of the votes. Guyanese in massive peaceful protest
took to the street against the regged elections by the PPP.
January 17, 1998
The PPP signed the Herdmanston Accord and the St. Lucia Agreement,
which called for an audit of the elections and political reforms. 
Mr. Judge Cross, head of the CARICOM Audit team, found no fraudulent
ballot boxes, but declared that the Audit Team cannot declared the PPP
the winners of the 1997 Elections.  The Elections Court Case brought
by an elector against the Elections Commission and the PPP have
uncovered massive election fraud.
January 1999
Constitution Reform Commission swears in and submits a draft Constitution
to the National Assembly on July 17, 1999.
March 1999
Former President Desmond Hoyte, S.C., Leader of the People’s National
Congress and Maurice King, QC, Caricom Facilitator met with Janet Jagan,
PPP executive member to discussed pace of constitutional and political
July 1999
The Constitution Reform Commission submit a draft Constitution to the
Special Select Committee of the National Assembly.
April 19, 2000
PNC leader, Desmond Hoyte, S.C. is elected Leader of the Opposition
August 25-27, 2000
Former President Desmond Hoyte, re-elected Leader of the People’s
National Congress Reform.
August 16th - 18th, 2002
Former President Desmond Hoyte, re-elected Leader of the People’s
National Congress Reform.
December 22, 2002
His Excellency, Honourable Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C. M.P., dies.
December 2002
Due to the sudden death of Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte, SC, MP, Leader of the PNCR 
and Leader of the Opposition on 22 December 2002 and in accordance with the provisions of the Party’s constitution, Attorney-at-law, Mr. Robert Herman Orlando Corbin, MP, has assumed the functions of Leader.