Alphabetical list of MPs

Introducing the most experience Members of Parliament we have that

helps make the PNC Reform -One Guyana the best team to lead Guyana forward. 



Mr. Robert H. O. Corbin





Leader of the Opposition

Mr. Robert Corbin has had a distinguished public service career, serving in key Ministerial positions in successive People’s National Congress (PNC) Administrations. He has been at various times a Teacher, Public Servant, Youth Leader, Professional Social Worker, Legislator and a member of the Guyana Elections Commission.  

Mr. Corbin has been an elected member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and served as its senior Vice-Chairman and General Secretary. He was elected Chairman of the Party in August 2000 and was re-elected at the Biennial Congress in 2002. When Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte died in December 2002, he became the third Leader of the People's National Congress (PNC). His position as Leader was ratified by a Special Congress of the Party in February 2003. 

Mr. Corbin has been a long standing Member of Parliament and was his Party’s continuous representative from October 1973 to October 1997. He was re-elected to Parliament in 2001 and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition on May 2, 2003.

Mr. Corbin has traveled widely both as a diplomatic envoy and a representative of Guyana at several important conferences and has established a network of influential friends and colleagues at both the Regional and International level..


Ms. Amna Ally





Shadow Minister - Education 

Ms. Amna Ally is a long standing member of the People's National Congress Reform who has served as National Secretary of the youth movement. She is an elected member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and Director of Party Organisation. A trained teacher, Ms. Ally possesses a Teacher’s Certificate and a Degree in Management from the University of Guyana.  

Ms. Ally also served as a member of the Eight Parliament, 2001 – 2006. During the life of that Parliament, Ms. Ally served on both the Management Committee and the Appointive Committee of Parliament. Ms. Ally now serves as the Shadow Minister of Education in the current Parliament.


Dr. John Austin


Medical Doctor  

Dr. John Austin was educated at Lagos University, Nigeria where he did his undergraduate training in Medicine. He subsequently became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Qualified in Medicine, he served as a Regional Health Officer and Superintendent of the New Amsterdam Hospital. Dr. Austin is now in Private Practice. 

Dr. Austin is a well respected member of the People's National Congress Reform and represents Region 6 on Central Executive of the Party. Dr. Austin is entering Parliament for the first time.


Mrs. Deborah Backer





Acting Chief Whip

Ms. Deborah Backer is a well known Attorney-at-Law. She obtained her Legal Education Certificate (LEC) from the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad in 1983 and a Bachelor of Law (Hons.), University of the West Indies in 1981.

Ms. Backer served in previous Parliaments (1997-2001) and 2001-2006. Previously, Ms. Backer served as a Councillor in the Georgetown City Council in 1994. 

Ms. Backer is a serving member of a number of important organisations such as the Lions Club International and is currently an organising member of the Women’s Millennium Caucus.



Mrs. Joan Baveghems

Mrs Baveghems has been involved in all activities of the PNCR for more than forty years during which period her militancy in advancing the cause of the Party and of the working class of Guyana has been acknowledged by party and non-party members alike. The PNCR congratulates Mrs. Baveghems on her elevation to high office as it is confident that she will continue to be a militant activist of the working class and will remain in the forefront of advocacy for their causes.



Mr. E. Lance Carberry





Chief Whip

Mr. E. Lance Carberry, an Economist by profession, has an enviable record of Public Service in Guyana. He has served an acquired expertise in the bauxite industry. Mr. Carberry also played a key role in the establishment and development of the Iwokrama rainforest project. He is also well versed in matters affecting the energy and environmental sectors of the economy. Mr. Carberry is also a recognised expert in Sustainable Development.

Mr. Carberry possesses a BSc. (Hons.) Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science; an MSc. Degree in Managerial Economics from City University in England; and a Post Graduate Certificate in the “Planning and Appraisal of Industrial Projects” from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Carberry also represented Guyana at several important international conferences and is the Honorary Consul for Norway in Guyana. 

Mr. Carberry is the Opposition Chief Whip in Parliament.


Mr. Dave Danny



Mr. Dave Danny entered Parliament for the first time in January of 2006, replacing Ms. Lurlene Nestor. He was a Candidate of the PNCR Geographic Constituency for Region 4 in the 2001 General and Regional Elections.  

Mr. Danny has been an active member of the Party and the Georgetown District and is active in several civic organisations, including the Lions Club. 

Mr. Danny is a Businessman.


Ms. Judith David



Ms. Judith David has been an active member of the People's National Congress since 1985 when she entered the ranks of its youth movement, the YSM. She became about the same time a vibrant member of the National Congress of Women (NCW). She represented the Party on the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) for Cuyuni/Mazaruni from 1997 to 2001. 

Ms. David is no stranger to the Parliamentary debating chamber, having served as a Regional MP from 2001 to 2006. She was a member of the Standing Order Committee of Parliament.


Mr. Ernest Elliot



Shadow Minister - Works and Communications.

Another longstanding member of the People's National Congress, Mr. Ernest Elliot has been actively involved in the Politics and Administration of Region 4. He was previously a Councillor for the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 4. As a member of the RDC, Mr. Elliot was the Chairman of its Works Committee. 

He brings to his career as a Regional Member of Parliament a wealth of experience garnered while pursuing the interest of the People of Region 4, outstanding service in the Guyana National Service (GNS), and a detailed understanding of the political system and the national economy.


Mr. Desmond Fernandes


Businessman/Youth Worker 

Mr. Desmond Fernandes has been an active and long standing member of the People’s National Congress in Region 1. He has a reputation for good leadership skills and for being an effective organiser. A Businessman by profession, Mr. Fernandes is well known to the members of his community and enjoys their confidence. He has been trained in youth work by the Commonwealth Youth Programme and was awarded a Diploma at the end of his studies. 

Mr. Fernandes has been Chairman of the District and Regional Sports Council and a sports organiser and youth officer in his Region. He entered Parliament in 1988 and remained a member until 1992. Mr. Fernandes will therefore be resuming his career as a Regional Parliamentarian.


Ms. Vanessa Kissoon



She caught the attention of the general public during the campaign by her lively speaking style and dynamic presentations. She is one of the young people who will be entering Parliament for the first time and is widely expected that she will inject a degree of dynamism into the work of Parliament.  

Ms. Vanessa Nicola Kissoon is a graduate of the Cyril Potter College of Education where she was awarded a Trained Teachers Certificate for her studies. She is currently a Teacher at the Mackenzie High School. Ms. Kissoon is a Regional MP for Region # 10.


Ms. Volda Lawrence





Shadow Minister - Finance and Economic Affairs.

Ms Volda Lawrence is an Accountant by profession. She has a Degree in Accounting from the University of Guyana and a Masters Degree from Gloucester University, England and is a Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA Level II). Ms. Lawrence is currently employed by the American School in this capacity. 

A member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC), Ms Lawrence is currently a Vice-Chairman of the PNCR. She also heads the Human Services and Welfare Department of the Party. She has done and continues to do sterling work among the Old and Elderly and families who have encountered misfortune. She is the Shadow Minister of Human Services and Social Security.




Mr. Aubrey C. Norton


Political Activist/Lecturer  

Shadow Minister - Housing and Water

Politics has dominated Mr. Aubrey C. Norton’s life. Joining the youth arm of the People's National Congress (PNC), the Young Socialist Movement (YSM), he distinguished himself at an early age and became a member of its Executive. As he matured, Mr. Norton was to become familiar with all of the Major Councils and arms of the People's National Congress and in time became its youngest General Secretary. He is currently a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and Chairman of the Georgetown District. This is Mr. Norton’s second stint as a Parliamentarian, having served previously from 1998 to 2001.  

Mr. Norton was educated at the University of Guyana where he obtained a Bachelor of Social Science Degree (Hons.) in Political Science and the University of Kent where he obtained an MA Degree in International Relations. Mr. Norton’s educational and political background made him an ideal choice for the Foreign Service, which he joined in the 80s. He is a respected commentator on Political and Economic Affairs and International Relations and serves as the Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs in the current Parliament.


Dr. George Norton



Shadow Minister - Amerindian Affairs

Dr. George Norton is the Tosshau for the village of Riversview, Essequibo River, Region 10. He was educated in the Republic of Cuba where he graduated with a Degree in Medicine from the Superior Institute of Medical Science in 1984 and specialized in Ophthalmology in 1988. Dr. Norton is a Consulting Ophthalmologist and Head the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Guyana.  

Dr. Norton is the Party’s Director of Hinterland Affairs and is an elected Member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC). He takes a special interest in sports, youth and culture and in advocating the Rights of the Indigenous people.

Dr. Norton entered Parliament in 2001 and has been a vibrant representative of Amerindian Communities throughout Guyana.


Ms. Clarissa Riehl



Deputy Speaker

Shadow Minister - Foreign Affairs

Ms. Clarissa Riehl, who had responsibility for Foreign Affairs, also served as the Deputy Speaker in Parliament. She became a Parliamentarian in 1992 and has remained a Parliamentarian since then. Ms. Riehl was a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs in the last Parliament. 

Ms. Riehl acquired her legal education from the University of Guyana and University of the West Indies where she obtained an LLB Degree in 1977. Subsequently she obtained her Legal Education Certificate (LEC) from the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago in 1979. 

Ms. Riehl is an elected member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and is currently Deputy Speaker and Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs.


Ms. Cheryl Sampson


National Chairperson of the National Congress of Women  (NCW)

Shadow Minister - Human Services ,Social Security and Women’s Affairs

Ms. Cheryl Sampson, the National Chairperson of the National Congress of Women (NCW) has been extracted from the PNCR-IG List of Candidates to be a member of the National Assembly of the Parliament of Guyana.

Ms. Sampson brings a wealth of talent and experience to the National Assembly. A trained teacher by profession, she also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education from the University of London, a Diploma in Public Communication from the University of Guyana, a Diploma in Political Science from La Escuela Superior Del Partido - Havana, Cuba and a Diploma in Business Studies from the Government Technical Institute, Guyana.

 Ms. Sampson has a long career in Education and women’s affairs. She started teaching in 1968 and demitted the classroom, in 2002, as a Head Teacher, moving to the Ministry of Education to work on the Guyana In-service Distance Education (GUIDE) Project. She was also a Project Officer with the Social Impact Amelioration Programme (SIMAP). Ms Sampson is currently the Head of the Georgetown In-Service Centre of the Cyril Potter College of Education.

Ms. Sampson who was born and is still residing at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, has been active for several years in promoting women’s affairs in Guyana. She was elected as the National Women’s representative on the Ethnic Relations Commission. She is also a Commissioner on the National Commission on Women and an Executive Committee Member of the Caribbean Women’s Association.

A long-standing member of the People’s National Congress, Ms. Sampson has served the Party in various capacities, including being the National Chairperson of the National Congress of Women and a member of the Central Executive Committee of the PNCR for the last fourteen years.  Ms. Sampson has also acquired extensive diplomatic experience, as she was a member of several delegations representing Guyana at various International Conferences in Cuba, USSR, the Caribbean and elsewhere. She was also a member of the Guyana delegation to the 36th session of the United Nations in 1981.


Mr. Keith Scott


Political Leader

Shadow Minister - Tourism, Trade & Industry

Mr. Keith Scott was born to a family which has had a long association with the political history of Guyana. It is no surprise then that he is not only well grounded in the art of politics but also understands in an intimate way what forces move and shape the course of contemporary politics in Guyana.  

Influenced by these experiences, he was to become a founding member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and later launched his own Party, the National Democratic Movement (NDM). This Party later merged with others to become the National Front Alliance (NFA).  

Mr. Scott was formerly a Teacher for more than 10 years. He also participated in the work of a number youth groups and those associated with the cultural development of Guyana. A keen sportsman, he has played cricket for both the Malteenoes Sports Club and the Demerara Cricket Club. Mr. Scott attended the University of Guyana and later pursued studies in the United States in the area of Social Security. On his return to Guyana he joined the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) as an Inspector. He subsequently established his own Consultancy in Taxation and Labour Relations.  

Mr. Scott’s experience and political skill should make him an attractive and vocal Member of Parliament. He is currently serving as Shadow Minister of Housing and Water.


Ms. Africo Selman



She is one of the vibrant young members of the PNCR. During the campaign she was an effective speaker and a very articulate representative of the issues affecting the young people. Like Mervyn William, she is expected to represent the Party effectively on the issues affecting youths and to press for the implementation of aspects of the Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES).   

Ms. Africo Selman was educated at Queens College and the University of Guyana where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in International Relations. She is currently pursuing a Degree in Law and is a part-time tutor in Political Science at the University of Guyana. .


Mr. Anthony Vieira



Shadow Minister - Agriculture

Mr. Anthony Vieira belongs to a family that has given Public Service of the highest quality to this nation especially in the area of business and agriculture. He is the son of Joe Vieira whose business acumen and expertise has been of great importance to the development of Guyana in the Agricultural sector generally and sugar, particularly. Mr. Vieira is expected to pursue the latter subject with his customary vigour and informed insight.   

Mr. Vieira is a former Administrative Manager of GuySuco Estate and a trained Agronomist. He was appointed field superintendent for technical matters in 1965 after obtaining a Diploma in Plant, Anatomy and Physiology in Trinidad at the Tropical School of Agriculture and the University of Guyana. He was promoted to Assistant Field Manager in 1969 and Field Manager in 1973 and finally Administrative Manager in 1976 at the Versailles Sugar Estate.  

In 1983, Mr. Vieira pioneered the first television broadcast station in Guyana for which he was awarded the Medal of Service. Today Mr. Vieira owns and operates one of the privately owned television stations in Guyana and is the publisher of the Evening News. This newscast was determined as the result of a Poll done by Thomas Brook and Associates Inc. of Canada as the best in Guyana.  

The popular broadcaster is the former Director of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), and is married and has two children with his current wife and four with his former wife. He currently serves as Shadow Minister of Agriculture.


Ms. Jennifer Wade


Community Leader 

Ms. Jennifer Wade is a former Teacher and Regional Councillor for Region 5. She enters Parliament for the first time with a wealth of experience in Social Affairs. It is expected that she will monitor issues of a social nature and address them in her presentations.  

Ms. Wade has been a long standing and respected member of the People's National Congress Reform. She represents Region 5 on the Central Executive Committee (CEC).


Mr. Basil Williams



Mr. Basil Williams was privileged to begin his Public Service career as a young lawyer and as one of the late Founder Leader’s legal advisors. Later, he was to become Legal Assistant to the then President Hoyte from 1985-1988. While in the Office of the President he became intimately familiar with the politics of the PNC and the machinery of the Party. He has gone on to become a Vice-Chairman of the Party and a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC). Mr. Williams is also Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Party and a member of the Joint Task Force on Local Government Reform.  

Mr. Williams holds an LLB (Hons.) Degree from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus and  a Legal Education Certificate from the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad and Tobago. He has served in different capacities in the public domain, including representing Guyana at the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community in 1985; City Councillor from 1986-1988 and Secretary of the Review Committee of the Companies Act, 1986-1988. 

Mr. Williams entered Parliament in 2003.


Mr. Mervyn Williams


Community Organiser 

Mr. Mervyn Williams is a former Councillor of Region 3 where he served the Party well. He was the Party’s representative on the Regional Housing Committee and the Regional Works Committee. A former Chairman of the Vergenoegen PNCR Group, Mr. Williams is one of the young members of Parliament who will be entering that Institution for the first time as a Regional MP. Mr. Williams holds a Diploma in General Management from the American Management Association and is currently pursuing studies for the Diploma in Financing and Accounting from the same institution.   

Mr. Williams has worked as Deputy Factories Manager and Logistics Manager at Amazon Caribbean (Guy) Limited and is currently employed as an Inspector of the Board – National Insurance Guyana. He has acquired certification as a Trainer of Trainers in Facilitation and Process Design as well as Conflict Management by the United Nations Development Programme. He is also a founding member of the Spirit of Guyana Movement..