Organisational Structure
Making Policy
The Peopleís National Congressís policy making process was designed to involve as
many members as possible, and support the relationship between the party in the
country and the party in Parliament. This paper explains the institutions which drive
the policy making process.
Biennial Congress
The Biennial Congress (BC) is the sovereign body of the party, as it has been
throughout the partyís history. Congress debates reports submitted by the Central
Executive Committee and resolutions on contemporary issues.
General Council
The General Council (GC) undertakes strategic oversight of the policy development
between Congresses. This is chaired by the party chairman and is made up of
member of the CEC, MPs, NCW, GYSM and Officers of regional party groups.
The General Council meets each quarter.
Central Executive Committee
The Peopleís National Congressís Central Executive Committee (CEC) is the governing
body of the Party. The Party Leader, Chairman, Vice Chairman and fifteen (15) members
of the Executive Committee are elected at the Biennial Congress. The General
Secretary is appointed by the Leader, from among the fifteen elected members.
Ten members are co-opted to the Central Executive by the Leader and other elected
In addition each of the Partyís 10 Regions elects a representative to the Central
Executive Committee, and the Chairpersons of the Youth and Women arms of their
representatives are also Central Executive Committee Members.
Regional Party Organisation
Party Committees are elected annually at the following levels.
1.         Regional  4.         Neighbourhood
2.         Sub Regional 5.         Group
3.         District
The basic unit of the party is the group, which consists of no less than twelve (12)
members. The voice of the party membership on party policies is heard through their
interaction at all of these levels, through the year and also at the Annual Conferences.
Arms of the Party
a.  The Guyana Youth and Student Movement is the Youth arm of the party.
b.  The National Congress of Women is the Womenís arm of the party.
New Nation
The New Nation is a weekly newspaper reflecting the views of the party, which is widely
circulated locally and overseas.
National Consultative Forum (NCF)
It plans, leads and coordinates discussions with the civil society on national issues.
It channels the needs and problems of the country to the party and keeps them
informed of the partyís actions and policies.