15th Biennial Congress Elections Results

The People's National Congress Reform has successfully concluded its 15th Biennial Congress at the Party Headquarters at Congress Place, Sophia.  

The Congress was addressed by the Leader of the Party, Robert Corbin, M.P. in a major speech in which he outlined a two year programme of reform and re-positioning of the Party to retool it for re-establishing its momentum and preparations for returning to office at the next general election. Topics included:


  • the Party’s machinery, organisation structure, ideology, tactics, polices and manifesto;

  • the Party Secretariat’s technology and work practices;

  • getting closer to young people’s concerns;

  • a code of conduct for party leaders;

  •  introducing “fresh and talented” young faces to leadership positions in the Party;

  • standing firmly  against crime and corruption;

  • Economic empowerment for vulnerable communities.

These issues were discussed in detail in workshop groups and the party executive was mandated to put the decisions into an action plan to be submitted to the next general council of the Party.  

The Congress also discussed several motions from local and overseas groups. Motions debated included Party discipline, changing the constitutional role of the Party’s Treasurer and creating greater accountability.  

The Congress concluded with a rich cultural programme which featured top artistes as well as performances by young people from several regions. 

The main focus of attention was the election of Office Bearers for the next biennium.  

The election results announced today by the returning officer Attorney-at-Law, Joseph Harmon were as follows:- 

Robert Corbin
Winston Murray
Basil Williams
Volda Lawrence
15 members of the Central Executive
Amna Ally
Aubrey Norton
Clarissa Rheil
Oscar Clarke
George Norton
E. Lance Carberry
Florence Bourne
Melanie Cornette
Clement Corlette
Deryck Bernard
Mervyn Williams
Aubrey Armstrong
Mortimer Mingo
Ernest Elliot
Carl Max Hanoman.

The Congress was a fitting commencement of the 50th anniversary of the Party’s existence.  

People's National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia
Georgetown, Guyana
Sunday, July 22, 2007

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