Prime Minister Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham raised 
the Golden Arrowhead on May 26, 1966 @12:00AM
National Park, Georgetown, Guyana
On the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the achievement of Guyana's independence, the People's National Congress Reform salutes the Guyanese people. The Party enjoins all Guyanese to reflect on our accumulated national lessons and experiences to determine the best path forward for a just, prosperous and united Guyanese society.
The People's National Congress is proud of the central role it played in achieving political independence for Guyana in 1966. The party however has always viewed this achievement, though highly momentous, not as an end in itself but rather as a platform on which to build a successful economy and society for the benefit of all citizens. Our record in office aptly demonstrates our deep understanding and relentless efforts towards realizing this aspiration. True, the road has not always been smooth; our efforts, though all well meaning, were not always successful and better decisions could have been made in instances, but the commitment of the PNC to nation building is indisputable.  Evidence of this fact abounds not withstanding vain efforts to rewrite history.
Emphasizing institution building in the cultural, financial, and physical spheres of  development the evidence of our efforts remain for all to see.
On the occasion of the 38th anniversary, however, our nation would be better served by taking stock of ourselves and plotting the best course forward. These 38 years have fully exposed our strengths, our weaknesses, our potentials and our limitations. Judging from the impoverished and disconsolate state our people find themselves in today, it is plain that as a nation we have failed to overcome our weaknesses and limitations and to effectively exploit our strengths and potentials. The PNCR believes it is not enough for Guyanese to merely recognize and lament this fact. Instead, we urge our fellow citizens to join with us in mapping and implementing a rescue plan, a way out, for Guyana.
For too long our country has suffered economic and social turmoil. For too long the rights of our citizens have been trampled upon, to the extent that today the governing party believes it has the right to kill our fellow citizens at will. For too long the material needs and aspirations of our citizens have remained unfulfilled. The PNCR beacons the way of Shared Governance, which has the potential of making all Guyanese, feel more involved in the process of governance and the development of their country.
For there to be any future for our country we must live together in brotherhood and unity with respect and tolerance for all.  We must construct a national economy buttressed by sound national economic and social policies, plans and programmes.  We must have policies plans and programmes that will drastically create jobs for our people and put bread and butter on their tables daily. We must eradicate crime from our midst.  That can only happen with and through good governance, which does not exist today.  It is time for a change from failed governance.  Good can only come through change.
The PNCR stands ready to work with all like-minded Guyanese to confront the pressing problems and to implement a new vision for tomorrow. We must begin this work today!   
People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Tuesday, May 25, 2004