On the occasion of the 39th Anniversary of Independence the PNCR joins the rest of the nation in celebrating this important national event. At the same time the Party urges the nation to take this opportunity to engage in an act of sober reflection to determine whether our beloved country is moving in the right direction and what might be done to facilitate political stability which is so necessary for real economic development to take place.
The People's National Congress Reform cannot overlook the fact that the celebration of the 39th Anniversary of Independence is overshadowed by unprecedented political developments and persistent economic difficulties. It is emerging with greater clarity that the existing political culture, premised as it is on racial division, attempts at domination and intolerance, is a brake on Guyana’s political development. It is clear to the PNCR that the energies of the Guyanese people can only be released by the development of a political culture of tolerance and an inclusive system of governance.
In the economic sphere the Guyanese people continue to endure unprecedented hardships. The lack of investment and the poor management of the economy have resulted in measurable economic decline and further unemployment, greater poverty, a fall in living standards and dislocation for the Guyanese people. But even as the PNCR acknowledges that these difficulties exist, the Party is confident that with the right vision, commitment and sense of purpose, Guyana can realize it’s historical and God given potential.
But real progress in Guyana will only take place in an environment in which political differences are reconciled, the burden of governing Guyana is shared and all of its people become involved in the task of moving the nation forward and laying the foundation for sustained economic progress. Most importantly we have to close the chapter on some of the more unfortunate developments in our history and thereby free the nation to grapple with the problems which we face at the current time.  The People's National Congress Reform stands ready to play its part in such an enterprise.
Thirty nine (39) years in the life of the nation is not long. It however represents an important learning curve. There is no reason why, having learnt the lessons, this nation cannot resume its march towards progress. With these sentiments we wish all Guyanese a Happy Independence Anniversary.
People’s National Congress Reform      
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

His Excellency the Right Honourable Mr. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, O.E., 1st Prime Minister of Guyana, look at the Golden Arrowhead on Independence Morning, May 26, 1966