Plaisance/ Industry Neighbourhood District Council Chairman Dies

The People’s National Congress Reform mourns the death of its stalwart member Mr. Thomas Sandiford who has become the latest known victim of the flood disaster. Mr. Sandiford at the time of his death was the Chairman of the Plaisance/ Industry Neighbourhood District Council.

The circumstances of Mr. Sandiford illness and death beckons further examination since he was hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for over one week and received treatment before being discharged from that institution. Far from being cured however the disease continue to ravage his body so much so that his family was forced to return him to the institution where he eventually died. It begs the question as to whether patient, Thomas Sandiford’s recovery was sufficient to order his discharge from the hospital in the first place. Is this sinister fate to be anticipated for those now being treated for this illness at this institution?

Mr. Sandiford, a retired Public Servant was for many years the Director of Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Youth and Sport and represented Guyana at several international fora and on many Regional and Commonwealth organs concerned with Youth Affairs. Mr. Sandiford was a long standing member and activist of the People’s National Congress and was always active in the debates and discussions in the Councils and Congresses of the Party.

The PNCR expresses sincere condolences to his wife Julia, his 6 children, 14 grandchildren and relatives.

People’s National Congress Reform
Flood Crisis Centre
Tuesday, February 7, 2005