PNCR -UK Region 
Leslie Prince Guyana Republican Party (GRP)
Condolences from Dr. Frank Long, UN Consultant
Message Condolence from University of Liecester


PNCR -UK Region 

It is with much regret that the UK Region of the PNC has learned of the death of Viola Burnham, former Vice President of Guyana, widow of our great founder leader, Forbes Burnham, mother and grandmother,  and Champion of the poor, the oppressed, the unvoiced and the underprivileged.

The chairman, executive, members and friends of the People's National Congress in the UK extend to the relations of the late Voila Burnham our heartfelt condolence and sympathy.

Comrade Vi now takes her place in history's halls alongside the other Heroes of Guyana.  May God prolong her memory and give His strength to the pursuit of those ideals for which our Heroes fought and for which we now still strive.


Leslie Prince Guyana Republican Party (GRP)
October 12, 2003

On behalf of the Guyana Republican Party (GRP) I wish to express our sincere sympathy on the passing of Comrade Viola Burnham, wife of the Late President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham.  She will always be remembered as Guyana's First Lady, she lived its true meaning.

It is regrettable that her passing came at a crucial time in the lives of Guyanese Women, deeply in search of that Guiding-Light, to lead them out of the Tunnel of Despair. 

Comrade Viola held a Torch which radiated Ten Thousand Points of Light and she held it High, leading the thousands of Women of the WRSM.

Today, the reflection of that light could be seen on many a Guyanese Women, in the Guyana Bar Association, Banking, Aviation, Guyana Police Force, The Guyana Defence Force, The Judiciary, The Mass Media, Education including the University of Guyana, and even the Gay-Men Association that Governs Guyana.  It clearly shows that her teachings were without discrimination, to Race, Creed, Sex or Political Orientation.

Guyana has truly lost an irreplaceable Leader of Modern Women.
To the bereaved family,
To the PNC/R
To the Women of Guyana
And to the Female Bar Association,
I once again extend my Sincere Sympathy



The Executives and members of UGO of Canada have received the news of Mrs. Viola Burnham's death with deep regret and sadness.  We are inspired however to read about her life's work and the meaningful contribution she made to the conscious development of women of the Caribbean and elsewhere.  We hope that her memory will serve as a legacy to young Guyanese women, challenging them enough to continue the march to more enlightenment and wisdom. 

Please convey our sincere condolences to the family of The First Lady, and let them know that we are praying for them in their time of grief.

Sincere condolences,
Victor Carrington
UGO of Canada.


Condolences Passing of Guyana's Former First Lady 
from Dr. Frank Long, UN Consultant

I wish to express condolences on the passing of Mrs. Viola Burnham, former First Lady of Guyana and senior Government Minister.

I knew the Burnhams since I was 17 years of age. Viola Burnham was an inspiration to many Guyanese including myself.

Her passing is a sad note in the history of Guyana. It must not be forgotten that apart from being a former First Lady, she made independent contributions to Guyana's nation building process as an educator, leader of the women's arm of the PNC, and as a senior Government Minister. She was also a creative entrepreneur who blazed the trail in farming including livestock production, and arts and crafts.

In many respects, she was a renaissance personality. Figures like Viola Burnham come in rare doses in any country, at any point in time. On account of illness, and other considerations, she assumed a role as a public figure in the post 1992 era. The latter was especially unfortunate. Her loss is a monumental one for Guyana and the Caribbean.



We, the Executive and Members of the National Democratic Council (Guyana) are saddened to hear of the passing of former Vice President Viola Burnham, widow of the late Founder Leader of the Peoples National Congress, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family, comrades and friends of this great Guyanese.  The loss of Comrade Vi will be felt by all those that she touched, she will be missed. Her contribution to the young women at Bishops High School where she taught and to the Women's Revolutionary Socialist Movement will be forever remembered in the History of Guyana.

Comrade Vi has contributed immensely to the people of Guyana and as such she will surely be missed. We the members of the NDC would like to join with the People's National Congress Reform to express our deepest condolences to the family of the late Cde. Viola Burnham.

Sincerely Yours,
For The PNCR,
Christine Rayman
Secretary NDC (Guyana)


Message Condolence from University of Liecester
The University has learnt, with regret, of the death of Viola Burnham on Friday, October 10 in a Miami hospital after a long illness. A graduate of this University, she was awarded a BA in Latin in 1958.
Viola Burnham achieved notable success in Guyana in a wide variety of careers and accomplishments. She was a teacher, scholar, journalist, leader in the women's movement, farmer, Minister of Government, and devoted wife, mother, relative and friend. The wife of Guyana's first Prime Minister and Executive President, she gave support and advice to her husband in his career.
She was the recipient of many awards, including Guyana's Order of Roraima.