Condolences on the Passing of Cde. Viola Burnham 
from the PNCR UK Group
To the sorrowing relatives and friends of the late Mrs. Viola Burnham, O.R.

We in the U.K. Region of the Peoples National Congress Reform learned with
great sadness and regret of the death of Cde. Viola Burnham, O.R.  widow of the
great founder leader of the P.N.C, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, the first
prime minister and first president of the co-operative republic of Guyana.

Guyana has lost an irreplaceable diamond from it collection we will always
remember her with great fondness and respect for her life’s work. She endeared
her self to all as a caring person, mother and grandmother, throughout her life 
Cde Vi established herself and make her mark as a champion of the poor, the 
oppressed, the unvoiced, and the underprivileged particularly among women.

Her work in education and culture and her leadership of the WRSM - women `s
arm of the PNC, - Caribbean women `s groups stands out as beacons for others
to aim at and to achieve Comrade Vi now takes her place in history `s halls 
alongside the other heroes of Guyana.

May her memory lives on and her soul rest in peace.

Joseph LN. Moriah
Peoples National Congress Reform - UK