Farewell to the People's President
29 December 2002

Coffin at rest in Merriman's Funeral Home, Georgetown

The Coffin of Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C., MP rested in Merriman's Funeral Home from Monday 23 December to the morning of Sunday 29 December and from the evening of Sunday 29 December to the morning of Monday 30 December 2002.


The Coffin will be taken in Procession from
Merriman's Funeral Home to Congress Place on the morning of Sunday 29 December 2002.

The order of the Procession was as follows:
Merriman's Funeral Home
9.00 a.m. Pall Bearers, Allan Munroe, Ivor Allen, Patrick Roberts, Desmond Fernandes, Florence Bourne and Genevieve Allen carries the Coffin to the hearse.
Processional Route:
South along Lime Street to Durban Street
West to Camp Street
South to Russell Street through to Hunter Street to West Front Road
East to the Police Outpost
North along Cemetery road to Princess Street 
West to Haley Street
North along Haley Street to Norton Street
East along Norton Street to Mandela Avenue
North along Mandela Avenue into Sheriff Street
East into Duncan Street to the Eastern highway
North along Eastern highway to Congress Place


Congress Place 
10.00 a.m. Pall Bearers, Mark Walkes, George Moore, Lloyd Joseph, Seelo Baichan and Carvil Duncan removes the Coffin from the hearse taken into Congress Place.
The Coffin of Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C., MP will Ly-in-State in Congress Place, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sunday, December 30, 2002.
1.00 a.m. Pall Bearers, Basil Williams, Ricky Khan, Patrick Yarde, Lance Baptiste, Gordon Bradford and Colin Bynoe will bear the Coffin into the Congress Place Auditorium.
1.15 p.m. (approx) 
The programme celebrating Mr. Hoyte's life will be conducted by the party's 
Vice Chairman, Vincent Alexander,MP
  • Prayers and tributes by organisations representing the Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Apostolic faiths. 
  • Statement by General Secretary Oscar Clarke
  • Musical contributions by the Mighty Canary, Ras Camo Williams, First Born, Bharrat Kissoon, the Sad'r Islamic Anjuman, the Georgetown Quartet, Jean Roberts, the Yoruba Singers and African Drummers
  • Tributes from each of the ten Regions; the Trades Union Movement, representatives of the Amerindian community, the Bar Association, African Cultural Development Association (ACDA), the National Congress of Women (NCW), Guyana Youth and Students Movement (GYSM), the Parliamentary group, the Reform component 
  • Statement Robert Corbin, the party's Chairman 

At the end of the
celebration programme,  Pall Bearers, Premchan Singh Benjamin Nedd, Cheryl Sampson, Jerome Khan, Ranwell Jordan, Keith Clarke and Yvonne Harewood Benn will bear the Coffin from Congress Place Auditorium to the hearse.

Processional Route to Merriman's Funeral Home:
West along First Street to Sheriff Street
South along Sheriff Street to Garnett Street
West along Garnett Street to Vlissengen Road
South along Vlissengen Road to Crown Street
West along the bridge into Irving Street
North along Irving Street to Lamaha Street
West along Lamaha Street to Camp Street
South along Camp Street to Durban Street
East along Durban Street to Lime Street
North along Lime Street to Merriman's Funeral Home.
At the Funeral Home, Pall Bearers, Dennis Glasgow, Peter Livingstone, Bevon Currie, Ralwayne Payne, Noel Waithe and Kenneth Sealey will bear the body from the hearse to the chapel.

At Merriman's Funeral Home, members the Guyana Youth Student Movement will mount a vigil around the Coffin as it rest on the Catafalque from 4:00p.m. until 9:00 a.m. Monday, December 30,2002