Celebrating the Life of Hugh Desmond Hoyte 
An Incomparable Leader,
Eminent Statesman and Guyanese Legend!

Hugh Desmond Hoyte was a visionary who brought to the presidency of Guyana a myriad of prudent economic, political and social policies that drastically transformed national life. He conceptualized and implemented the modeled economic blueprint that spurred the renaissance of the economy in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He significantly strengthened Guyana’s democratic institutions and arrested the political decay that permeated the nation. He inspired political regeneration by introducing constructive changes to our political culture and transforming the role of political society in the governance of the country. He fashioned a national ethos of discipline, inclusiveness, mutual respect and harmonious co-existence of all peoples. Through his reform initiatives, he cultivated a free, open, orderly, cohesive and progressive society.

Desmond Hoyte’s vision for a philosophical, political and economic rebirth predated the global wind of change that swept through Eastern Europe and other parts of the world in recent history. Guyana’s economic revitalization, social rejuvenation and political renewal which occurred under his presidency, won him and our country international acclaim. He espoused a foreign policy hinged on economic and environmental diplomacy, enhanced regional integration, preservation of national sovereignty and the resolution of frontier disputes through the United Nations process, that was unmatched in the Caribbean region. His pragmatic agenda, coupled with adept leadership and shrewd management, propelled Guyana firmly to the threshold of economic prosperity and modernization. He got Guyana moving again. Indeed, he touched the life of every Guyanese and gave us a sense of belonging.

Desmond Hoyte’s contribution to the development of Guyana is supreme. His legacy is indelibly etched into the annals of history. And when this chapter of our national life is written, he will be acknowledged as one of Guyana’s greatest Presidents. We will revere him as a legal scholar, foremost member of our class of literati, consummate politician, eminent statesman, noble patriot, distinguished gentleman and a national hero! Today we celebrate his life, and we say goodbye. But his legacy and memory will live on forever - and we will never forget!

Rickford Burke
Former Special Assistant to Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C., M.P.