PNCR Flood Relief

The PNCR has continued to maintain its participation in the disaster relief effort in response to the flood situation affecting the East and West Coast of Demerara in Guyana.
The PNCR response has been prompt and decisive. The PNCR Leader made his first assessment of the flood situation on Sunday, January 15. Today Friday, January 20, Mr Corbin made an aerial reconnaissance of the situation and was able in the company of national experts to ascertain for himself the breaches in the conservancy and the extent of the flooding on the East and West Coast of the Demerara. 
The Party began distribution of cooked food and dry rations to affected communities on Saturday and has been arranging distribution of food and water, raising donations in cash and kind, and assisting in cases of shut ins and other crises such as helping to arrange shelter. The Party is still involved in this operation as well as assisting and participating fully in the governmental efforts. Members of the leadership of the PNC Reform are fully involved in assisting the work of the national committees.
The Partyís relief effort is being housed thought the kind courtesy of HBTV Channel 9 television station at there Mandela Avenue studio where meals for over 3000 persons are being prepared daily.
We have kept its ears and eyes on the ground and are monitoring the situation very closely. The relief effort is chaotic, disorganised and even worse there appears to be evidence of organised disorganisation. There is still no functioning disaster management structure and what relief is being disposed is done in a complexly politicised and disgustingly partisan exercise. The worst affected communities of the upper East Coast such as Victoria, Nabacalis Bachelors Adventure, Bare Root, Annís Grove, Haslington have seen little relief or assistance and there situation is now desperate. We will continue to keep on top of the situation.
Even as the flood crisis worsens, the Party will continue to keep close to the situation on the ground and to sustain our direct efforts at disaster relief. The Party will also continue to press for the establishment of a technically competent and broad based national response to the crisis. 
The party wishes to acknowledge the generosity of those who have donated in cash or kind to the relief effort. Donations are still needed and can be sent through our crisis centre at the Campala Hotel, 10 Camp Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown by calling 592-226-1980, or through our website
Peopleís National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Friday, January 21, 2005