PNCR’s Response to the Guyana Flood Situation

From:         The General Secretary, People’s National Congress Reform

To:              All Party Overseas Groups

Matter:     The PNCR’s Response to the Guyana Flood Situation  


  1. The Party Leader and Members of the Central Executive Committee have been fanning out to the flood ravaged areas of the East Coast. They were able to see the devastation and the increasing misery of our Guyanese brothers and sisters in the distressed communities, the level of the water and the level of destruction to property;

  2. The Leader and members of the fan out teams visited the disaster shelters in schools and other public buildings. They were able to see for themselves the poor condition in which these unfortunate people have to subsist. The poor hygiene, overcrowding, and the shortage of the requirements moved the hearts of the PNCR teams;

  3. It is quite clear that the devastation and the impact on the people is far more serious than the government was hitherto willing to admit;

  4. In the meantime, the government continues to concentrate on politicking and using the misery of the people for political purposes. Ministers of Government and the notorious Gajraj are running up and down the coast delivering food hampers and other relief instead of doing the job of organizing the national response to the disaster. Most notorious is the fact that the Minister of Works is running around the country delivering food hampers instead of coordinating the policy response to the dangerous flood water situation;

  5. We have continued our relief effort. We are still taking relief to the various Communities. Our distribution centre at HBTV Channel 9 is a hive of activity in this regard and is supplying rations and food to many communities. The work of rescuing shut-ins and sick persons and providing moral support and leadership at the community level also continues;

  6. The government has in the meantime seized the transmission equipment of the Channel 6 TV station run by the popular TV personality CN Sharma. Mr. Sharma as a journalist was going out to the flooded communities, reporting on the destruction and the misery of the people. He has also been very active in giving voice to the frustration of many communities and the incompetence and discrimination of the PPP/C relief effort;

  7. The PNC Reform has taken up the cudgels on behalf of Mr. Sharma and his constitutional right to broadcast the truth about the floods. W e held a Press Conference today, Monday, January 24th to launch our political action on this matter and our Party Chairman, Mr. Winston Murray is part of the team of lawyers which have taken a constitutional motion to the high court to put an end to this autocratic act of political barbarism;

  8. The Party has moved to temporary quarters at the Campala Hotel on Camp St. The coordination of the Party’s relief strategy and action is based there and is called the “PNCR Flood Crisis Center”.

  9. Members of the Party leadership led by Executive Member, Stanley Ming, have been working with a Community Initiative group led by Retired Major General Joe Singh to bring relief through NGO’s and community groups;

  10. Political control from State House of the disaster effort continues. Decisions about the allocation of food and water are still being controlled by President Jagdeo from his cell phone in his home. The GWI executives have complained that the state has intervened in the allocation of fresh water relief supplies on clear political grounds;

  11. The PNCR efforts to bring relief to suffering people continue. Donations in kind can be sent to PNCR FLOOD CRISIS CENTER c/o Ms. Volda Lawrence, Campala International Hotel, 10 Camp Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, Guyana. Cash donations can be made to the Flood Relief account at Citizens Bank, Camp Street, Georgetown, Guyana. The account number will be supplied later.

  12. You can also encourage persons who would like to make payments by credit card, to do so through our website, All contribution will be acknowledged. We would dearly like to hear from you. We can be contacted at our crisis management centre on telephone numbers 592-225-7852, 592-226-1980, 592-225-2704 or 592-642-0532 or through our email addresses,,,, or

General Secretary
People’s National Congress Reform