January 30, 2005

The People’s National Congress Reform has continued to distribute food on the East Coast in order to bring relief to our citizens in this area of the country. This exercise was coordinated by Mr. Charles Corbin.

On Sunday, January 30 last, officials of the Party distributed dry rations received from the family of Agnes Benn-Kirton, a former top official of the Party and a Minister of the Government. The distribution covered the following areas and in the quantities indicated:


  1. 100 hampers delivered to Victoria village. This exercise was coordinated by Mr. Desmond Saul.
  2. 50 hampers were given out in the Melanie Damishana area to people who for reasons of ill health or other incapacities could not avail themselves of the distribution process. These were what were called “shut-ins”.
  3. Approximately 200 hampers were delivered in Vigilance. This exercise was coordinated by Mr. David Jones. The area in which the distribution was undertaken were the following:
  • South – 75 hampers
  • Central – 68 hampers
  • North – 54 hampers
  1. At Plaisance village, 48 hampers were given out and this was coordinated by Mr. Clement Corlette.
  2. At Industry Front, between the Embankment and the Public Road, Ms. Volda Lawrence, MP distributed 27 hampers.
  3. The PNCR also delivered two (2) boats, one to Vigilance South and one to Vigilance North. This was done by Mr. David Jones.

Also on Sunday, January 30, the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Robert Corbin, MP, accompanied by Ms. Deborah Backer, MP, Vice-Chairman of the Party and Roy Babel, a Reporter of Channel 28 visited Linden. During Mr. Corbin’s visit, Mr. Mortimer Mingo, Chairman of Region # 10 and its Disaster Relief Committee, held a press briefing in the boardroom of Region 10. Also present at the briefing were Ms. Claudette Martin Smartt, the Regional Health Officer (ag) and Mr. Wilfred Simmonds, Chairman of the Linden Chamber of Commerce. Both individuals are also members of the Disaster Relief Committee. The press briefing yielded the following details:

  • As of Sunday, January 30, 2005, 1,762 people (the updated figure as of Thursday, February 3, 2005 is 1,980), who fled their homes on the East Coast of Demerara had been temporarily relocated to Linden. These persons have registered with the Region 10 Disaster Relief Committee and have received hampers, clothing and other forms of relief.
  • The sum of G$2,000,000.00 which was received from the Government was utilized to buy food stuff from Boa Vista. The two trucks arrived in Linden on the same day on which the press conference was held. 
  • A Disaster Relief bank account at the National Bank of Industry and Commerce (NBIC) was opened in Linden.
  • 240 children displaced from the East Coast have been temporarily enrolled at schools in Linden. These children range in age of those at the Nursery level to those preparing for the CXC.
  • Civil Society is fully involved in the exercise of bringing relief to the people at Linden.

The Disaster Relief Committee in Region 10 has identified possible shelters for use in the event of the mandatory evacuation of people from the East Coast of Demerara and Georgetown.

The Leader of the PNCR, Mr. Robert Corbin, MP, Mr. Mortimer Mingo and Ms. Deborah Backer, MP, visited several displaced families. Among the places visited were Rainbow City where the team met Mr. Mohamed and his family of eight (8) who formerly resided at Good Hope, ECD; Kara Kara, where the team met Ms. Donna Williams and her family of six (6) who formerly lived at Golden Grove; Cinderella City, where the team met eighty-one (81) year old, Ms. Cecily Mc Caulay, whose permanent address is 91 North Haslington; Amelia’s Ward, where the team met Denise Garraway, whose former residence is Non Pariel Section “B”; and Makini Holder whose permanent residence is Melanie South.

The team also visited the Region 10 Disaster Center (the old GNCB Bank) and spoke to the volunteers, who are working there. The team also visited the Amerindian Hostel at Wismar where 13 persons are housed. Many of the displaced persons visited by the team expressed a desire to relocate to Linden, if possible.

All of the displaced persons were appreciative of and thankful for the kindness extended by families and friends, who took them in and the Region 10 Disaster Relief Committee, which gave them assistance.

People’s National Congress Reform
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