PNCR’s Response to the Guyana Flood Situation

From:         The General Secretary, People’s National Congress Reform

To:              All Party Overseas Groups

Matter:       The PNCR’s Response to the Guyana Flood Situation  

Date:         February 5, 2005

Re: Flood Update

The Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Mr. Robert H. O. Corbin, MP, extended his visits to the flood hit areas of the East Coast by going to Bare Root South and Dazzel Housing Scheme on Sunday, February 6, 2005. During his visit the Party Leader made house to house tours and distributed 180 hampers of cleaning materials and bottled water. Hampers were also distributed to shelters on the East Coast. It is interesting to note that some three weeks after the floods overwhelmed the East Coast of Demerara, Mr. Corbin had to use a boat as the means of transportation in this area.  

In his interaction with the residents of the area, the burning issue for the residents was would the flood waters  recede as they are most anxious to get back to their normal way of life. 

Mr. Corbin was accompanied by senior officials of the Party, including Mrs. Carol Corbin, Mrs. Deborah Backer, MP, and Mr. Basil Williams, MP, both Vice-Chairpersons of the Party, Ms. Supriya Singh, Director of the Party’s Communications Unit, Mrs. Volda Lawrence, MP, Director of Human Services of the Party and Mrs. Ann Green, Executive Member of the National Congress of Women (NCW), the women’s arm of the Party. On hand also were members of an international media team, which is currently in Guyana and which included a representative of CNN and well known Guyanese journalists, Godfrey Wray and Edgar Henry. The visit of Mr. Corbin to the East Coast was complemented by activities of other regional officials of the Party.  

During this period, the Party’s PR section has been dealing with the flood crisis through a series of programmes on HBTV Channel 9 on its programme, Nation Watch. After February 15, 2005 when the flooding assumed crisis proportions on the East Coast, Georgetown and West Demerara, the Leader of the PNCR, Mr. Robert Corbin, MP, decided along with his Party that its PR efforts must be directed towards ventilating the various elements of this crisis, providing accurate information and helping citizens stricken by the flood.   

In the absence of access to the state media, the Party began a telethon during which it solicited assistance for citizens who were affected. To ensure that the telethon continues, the management of HBTV Channel 9 allocated two (2) slots during the day for this exercise, at 12:00 to 12:30 pm and from 9:00 to 10:00 pm in the evenings. The telethon has been a good device for bringing to the public, Executives of the Party and other resource personnel accurate information on the flood situation. As programmes in this regards have been aired, the information received about the flood in different parts of the country has been updated.  

The anchors of this programme at various times have been Ms. Supriya Singh, Mrs. Deborah Backer, MP, Mr. Joseph Hamilton and other executives of the Party. 

People’s National Congress Reform
Flood Crisis Centre
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