PPP Clamp-down on the freedom of the press during Flood Crisis

The PNC Reform understands that the government has taken steps to remove entertainer and broadcaster Rudy Grant, brother of international superstar Eddy Grant from the NCN airwaves and to tighten the screws to ensure that no bad news about the truth about the flood situation is allowed on the national airwaves. We understand that media professionals have been instructed to concentrate on giving a positive spin and to block out the truth from the airwaves. 
We understand that call in programmes will no longer be allowed and that the emphasis should be on finding favourable angles in the crisis and to emphasize the activities of the PPP/Civic Ministers and the President himself. In light of the crude attempts to shut down Channel 6 by stealing the broadcast equipment of that station, we see a sinister move to utilize this crisis to further shut down the fundamental rights to freedom of information and to make Guyana a truly sorry poor and benighted authoritarian state. 
The PNC Reform condemns this development and will take not allow the PPP/C regime to shut down the democratic right to freedom of information. It is indeed a tragedy that in the midst of the surfing and horror facing the people on the East and West Coast, the government is seeking to exploit the situation rather than deal with alleviating the people’s suffering.


People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Saturday, January 29, 2005