Press Release: REGION 10

As we enter Day 13 of the flood crisis unfolds, one of the bright signs in the flood disaster is the way that those parts of the country that are not directly affected by the floods are rallying to the assistance of the communities in distress. Many Regions are sending food and clothing as well as cash to aid flood victims in Regions 3 and 4. Many flood victims have fled to dry land in the Linden, Region 10 area. . Over one thousand, six hundred and eighty (1680) persons are registered in shelters being run by the Regional Development Council of Region 10. Most of these are from the flooded communities of Region 4. The Region has been making contingency plans for sixteen shelters with a planned capacity of 6300 persons. Children of the flood victim families have been placed in the Regional school system. At the present time 237 children from Region 3 are placed in Region 10 schools, 26 in nursery, 130 in Primary and 98 in Secondary schools.
This kind of cooperation and support brings out all the best in the Guyanese spirit. Persons wishing to contribute to the Region 10 relief effort should contact the organizers at 444-6121.
People’s National Congress Reform
Congress Place, Sophia,
Georgetown, Guyana.
Saturday, January 29, 2005